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The use of cookies when you visit our Website

To allow the users of our Website to benefit from the services offered by the Website such as productconsultation, subscription to certain services (newsletters, my favourite stores, etc.), optimisation of itsuse and customisation (particularly the customisation of offers and advertisements) according to theuser, the Website uses Cookies.

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You can deactivate these cookies at any time, for free based on the deactivation options that are offeredto you, knowing that that may reduce or prevent your access to all or some of the Services offered bythe Website.

What is a cookie and how is it used?

While browsing the Website, the information relating to the browsing activity of your device (computer,tablet, smartphone, etc.) on the Website can be recorded in text files called “Cookies” installed in yourbrowser. Cookies are used to recognise your browser during the validity period of the cookie concerned.Only the issuer of the cookie concerned is able to read or modify the information it contains.Some cookies are essential for the use of the Website. Others optimise the use of the Website andpersonalise the content displayed. Cookies also make it possible to:Measure and analyse visits to and use of the Website, its sections and the services it offers, allowing usto study and improve the interest and ergonomics of the Website and our Services,Store the display preferences of your browser (language used, display settings, operating system used,etc.) and to adapt the presentation of the Website during your visits, according to the materials anddisplay or reading software installed on your device, which are used to navigate our Website.Store the relevant information.: for example, a form that you have completed or a service (registration,access to your account) or information that you have chosen (services to which you have subscribed,contents of your basket).Allow you to access reserved and personal areas within the Website or our Services, such as yourpersonal account, thanks to the identifiers or personal data about you previously communicated, thatwill allow you to access personalised content where applicable,Implement security measures,Limit the number of advertisements displayed,Limit the number of advertisements displayed,Adapt the advertising content included on the Website to your interests and, possibly with a link to alocation (e.g. list of nearby stores),Adapt and show you personalised advertisements that are specifically intended for you throughelectronic research or by displaying on your device in advertising spaces containing cookies issued by us.This is thanks to the personal data that you provide when you subscribe to, access or use one of ourservices, which are connected with the Cookies that we issue.When you access a third party site containing advertising space displaying one of our advertisements,this advertisement may be shown to you via the recognition of one of our Cookies that we havepreviously installed on your browser. These cookies may be installed by our technical service providers,and used.

Cookies installed by a third party in spaces on our Website.

Our Website may contain Cookies issued by a third party (communications agency, audiencemeasurement company, targeted advertising providers, etc.) allowing them, throughout the validityperiod of their Cookies, to:gather browsing information on the users consulting our website,establish the advertising content that may match your areas of interest to provide targeted adverts,based on your browsing history collected by the third party.You can prevent the collection of information about you by these third party cookies at any time, byclicking on the corresponding links (see the chapter “Managing and using Cookies”).There are specific terms and conditions that apply to the creation and use of Cookies by thesecompanies.

Cookies integrated into third party applications on our Websites or Services

We may include third party IT applications on our website, which will allow you to share content fromour website with other people, or let other people know about your views or opinions concerningcontent on our Website. This is particularly the case for the “Share”, “Like” buttons on social networkssuch as “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Viadéo”, etc.The social network can identify you using this button, even if you did not use it when browsing ourWebsite. This type of application button can allow the social network concerned to monitor yourbrowsing on our Website, based on the sole fact that your social network account was active in yourbrowser (open session) while you were browsing our Website.We do not have any control over the process used by social networks to collect information about yournavigation of our Website and associated with any personal data they may hold. We recommend thatyou refer to the terms and conditions for use of your data on these social networks to understand thepurpose of their use, particularly for advertising purposes, and the browsing data that they are able togather thanks to these application buttons. Please note that the terms and conditions for use of thesesocial networks may allow you to monitor and restrict their use of your data, particularly by adjustingthe settings of your user account for this purpose.

Sharing the use of your device with other people

If your device is used by several people, and where one device has several types of browsing softwareinstalled, we cannot ensure for certain that the services and advertisements applied to your device willcorrespond to your own use of that device, and not to another person’s use of it.It is your choice and responsibility as to whether you share the use of your device with another person,and how the settings of your browser are configured for Cookies.

Managing and using cookie

You can manage and modify the use of cookies at any time according to the options detailed below.The settings that you apply may modify your internet browsing and the conditions for access and use ofcertain services on our Website that require the use of Cookies.You can manage your Cookies as follows:via your browsing software, orvia an interprofessional platform, orwhen you are offered to do so via a link featured in the list below.Note: a Cookie is required to cancel your subscription. Therefore, if you deactivate all of the cookies onyour device, or if you use a different device, we will no longer know that you have chosen this option.1. Managing your cookies based on your browsing software: You can configure your browsing softwareso that Cookies are stored on your device or are rejected, either systematically, or based on who hasissued them.To understand the methods that apply to the management of cookies stored on your browser, pleaseconsult the help menu in your browser as well as the section “Your Traces” on the CNIL website(Commission Nationale de l’Informatique & des Libertés [French National Commission for InformationTechnology and Civil Liberties]) ( Managing your Cookies online via an interprofessional platform: You can also visit the website:Youronlinechoices, provided by digital advertising professionals within the European Digital AdvertisingAlliance (EDAA) and managed in France by the Interactive Advertising Bureau France.You can also learn about the companies subscribed to this platform, that offer you the possibility torefuse or accept the Cookies that they use to adapt the advertisements that may be displayed on yourbrowser, according to the ones they collect: European platform is shared by hundreds of online advertising professionals and constitutes acentralised interface that allows you to refuse or accept Cookies as described above.This procedure will not stop advertisements being displayed on the Websites that you visit. It will notblock any technology that makes it possible to adapt advertisements to your areas of interest.